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Strong Woman

Sweat Out

“Sweat, is the fats crying” so they say. Have an hour of ‘fat-incinerating’ session, shedding off unwanted layers to let your abs of steel show.



Move through a series of yoga poses as you focus on each of your individual senses; sight, smell, sound, touch and TASTE!  Absolute practice of mindfulness.

Pro Boxing Gloves


Put on your fighting gear to start punching and kicking. You’ll never know how strong your punches and kicks are until you land them on your target board! Reinforce your basics of punching and kicking by practicing on the pads and learn to strike accurately with proper techniques.

backlit-beach-body-325848 (1)_edited.jpg


The movements involved in our Hula Tone class works on strengthening fundamental muscles for realigning the body while our participants break a sweat having fun.


Take an AlterX Original Class!



No time to leave your desk for a workout? Stay at your desk! Learn simple exercises to help relieve tight muscles, improve your flexibility and posture!

Cross Fit Class

45 Minutes Express 

High intensity training raises metabolism and burns calories fast. A high volume (repetition), low resistance (load), short rest interval workout. Great for increasing overall strength, muscular endurance, improving muscle tone, stamina, as well as cardiovascular fitness.

Girl Stretching

25 Minutes Express 

25mins Express aims to give our participants a metabolism boost amidst their tight schedule. This programme is designed to be done back-to-back to cater to more participants in the vicinity; great for companies that want to cater the programme to more staff

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