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Mind Body Soul

The Mind Body Soul Retreat aims to bring about a life-changing experience by awakening our participants to their mind-body-soul connection. This retreat includes a customised detox and nutrition program to cleanse out toxins accumulated in the body. The gut is our second brain, so we take our nutrition plan very seriously. Participants will be exposed to a series of mind activation and relaxation exercises where we take them through their innate ability to connect their mind, body and soul. 

Customised Retreat

Leave the planning to us!

Speak to us about the intention of your retreat -

  • Team Bonding

  • Leadership Training

  • Business Coaching

  • Fitness

  • Relaxation

Local or Overseas?

With our Coaches in Asia, U.S.A and across Europe,
Our retreat takes you to the most exclusive

Let our Team come up with a customised retreat program for Your Company based on your Goal and Budget!

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