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Our Mission

To create a fun and friendly environment where everyone is equipped with the necessary tools to live a life of health and wellness.

Our Vision

To catapult Singapore into being the healthiest nation in the world and a benchmark for other nations to follow.

Our Core Team

What makes us different

We are not just agents

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We are a team of trainers committed to inspire positive lifestyle change for our clients. As much as we appreciate job opportunities, we get our job satisfaction largely through the number of lives we impact; this is what gets us going.


Having the experience in our fields to deliver classes and workshops on grounds, our team can customise a wellness programme realistic to your company’s specific needs.



We stay up to date with the latest health and wellness research in our specific fields, so you can rest assure the information passed on to our participants are the most updated. This means we ensure our programs to be the most efficient and effective to date.


Meditation and Healing Coach

Being highly sensitive and emphatic, Ting is a manifestor with intuitive authority, she combines her gifts with her expertise in psychotherapy, positive psychology, coaching and training as well as various energy healing modalities to her work. Ting believes in creating an empowering space. Using Myers and Briggs, spirituality and human design typology, she harnesses her intuition, knowledge and experiences to support her clients uncover more about themselves.

Marcus Photo.jpeg

Marcus Fu

Program Director for HIIT

As a lifeguard in the earlier years of his career, Marcus' training developed his passion for functional movement and fitness.

Having emerged Champion of Extravaganza Asia 2016, (a show of fitness and personality) with only 1 month of preparation, Marcus heads the planning and development of our HIIT program for maximum results in the shortest time.

Key: Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Rella Quek

Fitness & Rehab Specialist (Head Trainer)

With over 10 years of relevant fitness and rehab work Rella Quek is truly passionate about fitness. She has met people who thought of giving up an active lifestyle due to their body pain and ache. She knew that the only way to prevent anymore pain and ache, is to keep the body moving! With her skills adopted from Rehab Trainer and Trigger Point Therapy, she developed techniques to better enhance her clients’ mobility.

Evelyn Low Linglin

Yoga Teacher

Eveyln has been practicing yoga since 2006. While it was initially only for fitness, she found herself getting more interested in the other aspects of yoga. She then took her passion a step further and embarked on a teacher training course. Graduating with a certificate from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, one of the oldest yoga school in the world, Eveyln holds her belief that “Yoga teaches us to be focused and achieve what we think we wouldn't be able to achieve”.

Shanti Chainani

Nutritionist & Clinical Therapist

Shanti Chainani is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Health Coach at Professional Mindworks Centre. Having experienced being overweight as a child and throughout her early teenage years, she embarked on a weight loss journey at around age 16 and has ever since made healthy living a permanent part of her lifestyle. Through her personal experience, she believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to permanent weight loss. She has now made it her passion to promote healthy living as she believes, good health is the greatest wealth

Alex Tan Ser Han

Head Coach for Kickboxing

Alex is a fitness leader, dedicated to empower his clients to achieve their goals in the realm of mental and physical fitness. His passion for fitness began 8 years ago when he enlisted in the army as a frail and physically unfit teenager. He made the decision to train hard, grow stronger, faster and leaner. He spent several years self-studying the different aspects of physical fitness. When he left the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) after 7 years as a Paramedic, he further strengthened his foundation of exercise science through courses by Singapore Sports Council and FISAF